Electrician Iii

Company: Capital Region Water
Job Location: Harrisburg PA, 17110 United States
Job Overview:

-Performs journeyman electrical and other duties in the maintenance and repair of electrical wiring, components, equipment and instrumentation and control devices in the Water Treatment Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant, or other facilities; including, but not limited to specific duties.
-This is skilled work involving responsibility for performing difficult and specialized electrical maintenance and repair operations to plant or building electrical equipment installation and repair.
-General assignments are received from the Maintenance Supervisor but Electrician III’s are expected to plan details of each job and carry it to completion without supervision.
-Leadership may be exercised over the work of an Electrician I and II.


-Work is performed throughout all departmental facilities and properties.
-Work involves knowledge and use of standard and special electrical tools such as voltmeters, ammeters, amp meters, megger meters, signal generators and other electrical testing and diagnostic equipment.
-Work involves knowledge and use of hand tools such as brooms, rakes, shovels, hammers, wrenches, pipe wrenches, pipe benders, saws, screwdrivers, punches, chisels, etc.
-Occasional use of small power-operated tools such as drills, saws, grinders, etc.
-Position involves use of chemicals and materials such as cleaning solvents, paint and paint cleaners, chlorine, polymers, acids, gases, fly ash, bottom ash and other hazardous or potentially hazardous chemicals and materials, etc.
-Must adhere to all safety standards and apply use of PPE safety equipment, such as breathing apparatus, hard hat, eye protection, ear protection and other personal protection devices.
-Observes and practices OSHA Lock Out/Tag Out rules and procedures.


-Utilizes, follows standard and current NEC/NFPA codes and regulations.
-Knowledge and use of Forklifts, Bucket Truck, Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts, etc.
-Observes and practices use of NFPA 70 for arc flash protection and safety requirements.
-Work also involves the use of a computer, copier, blueprint copier and fax machine.
-Employees are subject to noise, vibration, fumes, odors, hazardous conditions such as dust, poor ventilation in certain areas of the work environment and inclement weather.
-Duties typically are performed on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30pm. However, employees may work nights, weekends and holidays as required.


-Oversees work of subordinate electricians.
-Oversees and leads in the repair of electrical systems in the Water Treatment Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Water Pumping Stations and Water Booster Pump Station.
-Maintains 12,000-volt primary switch gear including trouble shooting, installation and removal of breakers, contactors, ammeters, etc.
-Calibrates instruments throughout plants to get the proper signals into SCADA/PLC.
-Must have knowledge in 120v control voltages and signaling i.e. 4-20mA/0-10v.
-Maintains and makes minor adjustments to computer.
-Participates in pumping station preventive maintenance program.
-Installs electrical wiring and related systems in new and renovated Water/Wastewater buildings and facilities. Installs and bend conduit systems throughout facilities. i.e. Rigid, EMT, IMC, PVC, etc.
-Repairs electrical equipment, motors, and plant electrical facilities. Runs underground cables, and strings overhead wires, repairs switches, receptacles, lights, and fuses.
-Tests, splices and wipes wires and cables. Wires buildings and makes additions to existing wiring; installs and repairs fluorescent and general lighting fixtures and connections.
-Installs and maintains remote control devices in utility plants. Installs, adjusts, and maintains utility motors and appliances; installs and repairs electrical switches, relays, and contactors. Repairs, rebuild and maintains electrical motors.
-Remains alert and reacts appropriately to audio alarms on vehicular equipment.
-May construct or fabricate electrical equipment or parts. Performs preventive maintenance on electrical equipment.
-Maintains regular, punctual, and predictable attendance. Reports to work and remains at work in a productive condition which includes not being under the influence or impaired using alcohol and/or drugs.
-Establishes and maintains an effective working relationship with supervisors, co-workers, and the general-public.
-Completes all assignments in an efficient, consistent, and timely manner.


-Performs other reasonably related duties in equal or lower classifications as assigned by supervisory personnel. Assists in keeping maintenance records.
-Performs work as directed by supervisors in accordance with Article XXIX, Job Classifications, Section 1 provision of the Basic Labor Agreement.


-Comprehensive knowledge of the standard practices, tools, and terminology of the electrical trade.
-Comprehensive knowledge of elementary electrical theory and Current NEC Codes.
-Ability to make repairs to complicated electrical wiring, fixtures, and equipment.
-Ability to understand and follow instructions.
-Ability to perform manual work requiring manual and physical dexterity.
-Ability to plan and lead the work of others.
-Ability to react quickly and appropriately to alarms and hazardous situations.


-Journeyman Electrician’s License.
-Automatic upgrade after three consecutive years of service as an Electrician II and satisfaction of Electrician III requirements.
-Valid PA Driver’s License, Class C.

Salary Range: