Water Treatment Plant Supervisor

Company: Latrobe Municipal Authority
Job Location: Latrobe Pennsylvania, 15650 United States
Job Overview:
January 17, 2023


Job Title:  Water Plant Supervisor 		

Salary:  $65,000-$71,000/year                      

Primary Function:  Under the direction of the manager, is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water plant and pumping stations and directly supervises hourly employees in the performance of their duties in accordance with approved policies and procedures.

Primary Duties:
	Plans, schedules, coordinates and directly supervises employees in the efficient maintenance and operation of the water treatment plant on a seven (7) day, twenty-four (24) hour basis to produce acceptable product to meet state and federal regulations.
	Assigns, directs, and assists in repair of gates and gate valves, replacement of motor shafts, etc.
	Responsible for relations with the union including enforcement, interpretation and application of union agreement and assisting in grievance handling.
	Advises and issues orders for approval for parts and supplies necessary to maintain and operate treatment plant.
	Instructs, trains, and advises employees and enforces rules and procedures concerning proper working methods, performance levels expected and safety practices and procedures.
	Confers with manager and environmental control supervisor in coordination with operational standards and future changes.
	Responsible for ordering all chemicals for the treatment of water.
	Performs all CIPs & maintenance washes on microfilters.
	Assists in maintaining source water/reservoir.
	Communicates with distribution supervisor/foreman on staffing needs.
	Must obtain Pennsylvania water operator’s certification within three years of employment.
	Must maintain a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.

Salary Range: $65,000-$71,000
Company URL: www.latrobema.com
Additional Information: Resumes can be sent to Chris@LatrobeMA.com, or to Latrobe Municipal Authority, P.O. Box 88, Latrobe, PA 15650.