Benefits of a WWOAP Membership

  • Municipalities benefit through the guidance and information municipal employees receive by attending and participating the annual WWOAP Conference and sectional meetings, leading to more efficient and professional operation and maintenance of their water treatment plants and water distribution systems.
  • Operators and Managers benefit through the exchange of ideas and solutions related to the effective management of water. Through the annual WWOAP Conference, sectional meetings, workshops and other resources, waterworks operators and managers have a unique opportunity to network with other water professionals. Likewise, courses offered by the Operators’ Training Committee help members keep current on water industry news, educate those new to the industry, and help new members prepare for state certification examinations.
  • Consulting Engineers benefit through educational resources and the opportunity to meet with potential clients during WWOAP events, and through networking among other water professionals in their field.
  • Governments benefit through open channels of communication. The annual WWOAP Conference and workshops provide excellent opportunities to discuss recent developments in water works regulation.
  • Educations and Students benefit through WWOAP scholarship programs, events, education, and online resources.
  • Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Sales Representatives benefit by receiving invaluable exposure and contact with people who specify and use their water distribution equipment. This feedback can be used to improve the products and increase sales.

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