Construction Inspection Technician

Company: Lehigh County Authority
Job Location: Allentown PA, 18106 United States
Job Overview:
What the Job Looks Like

As a Construction Inspection Technician, you will have a unique opportunity to make a significant and meaningful contribution to the success of Lehigh County Authority through the following core job responsibilities: 
•	Conducts on-site inspections for construction projects by checking conformance to the plans and specifications in methods and materials of construction. 
•	Area of expertise to include but not be limited to water, sanitary sewer, paving, sidewalks and curbing.
•	Coordinates contractors work with other LCA departments and outside entities as necessary.
•	Acts as liaison between the public and LCA during construction, resolves issues as needed.  
•	Prepares property damage and incident reports, notifies customers of outages and/or other issues.  
•	Prepares daily inspection reports, reviews contractor's requests for payments, prepares periodic cost estimates, project closeouts; and prepares or compiles any other related documentation.
•	Assures contractor adherence to safe construction practices. 
•	Utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment to collect and record site-specific physical features.
•	Exports data from the GPS unit for the use of the Geographic Information System (GIS) staff or others.
•	Provides technical assistance to operations and administration departments such as utility locations and impacted LCA customers.

Important Qualifications to your Success
•	Education: Associates degree from a technical school and/or relevant certifications preferred. 
•	Experience:  Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in utility construction or construction inspection required.  
•	Computer Skills:  Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, portable computer equipment and handheld GPS equipment. 
•	Technical: Strong working knowledge of water and wastewater systems, and construction practices. 
•	Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
•	Licensure: Possession of a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license. 
•	Travel: Ability to perform administrative work remotely from a company vehicle required.

Salary Range: